Maintenance and Retrofit

Maintenance / Repair / Retrofit / Revamping and overhauling of industrial gearboxes (also from third party manufacturers) Contact us

Revamping and overhauling of industrial gearboxes

Gear units are the heart of a system. Continuous service and fast repairs during the entire product life cycle are critical for the productivity and efficiency of your system.


Our service:

  • Dismantling the gearbox
  • Damage analysis including damage report
  • Replacement of bearings and wear parts
  • New fabrication of individual parts, if necessary
  • Installation
  • Test run
  • Repainting

Your benefit:

  • Fast problem resolution
  • Minimization of downtimes and costs due to optimum service
  • Life cycle extension of industrial gearbox.
  • Upgrade for predictive maintenance.
  • Our comprehensive know-how of development, design, and fabrication of gearboxes.
  • You profit from our knowledge of a wide range of plant construction.

A factory warranty matched to your requirements on the repaired gearboxes. Single-source professional service and repair starting with delivery and installation in your plant. That’s KACHELMANN GETRIEBE.


Modernization / Retrofit / Revamping / Upgrade

Older machines are normally in good condition, but are no longer compatible with up-to-date technology in regards to the control system or drives.

In practice this means:

  • Replacement and installation of the newest generation drives and/or control systems, regardless of which technology was previously used.
  • A mechanical overhaul and modernization a total package if required

With a retrofit, you can often exceed the previous performance of your machine:

Increase of productivity:

  • by reducing downtime/breakdown times and
  • through faster processing cycles

Higher quality due to:

  • improved precision
  • simpler operation

Secured supply of replacement parts

  • over a long time period

Would you like assistance with gearboxes from manufacturers or plant constructors that no longer exist, that are renamed or merged into corporations, i.e. Aschaffenburg, Ruthner, Wolff-Kran, Dempewolf or Preussag?

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE: Your partner of special-gearboxes

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Why a gearbox retrofit will save you a lot of money, increase machine availability and improve product quality.

Our selection of realized projects

Overhaul of spur gears for lock gates
Overhaul of a helical-bevel turbine gearbox on a Kaplan turbine
Overhaul of a main gearbox for a spinning machine
Year of manufacture 1955 – oldtimer, historic car

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE Your partner in gear manufacturing

We want to satisfy you as our customer.
Benefit from our many years of experience and our high quality standards.



Founded in 1894 as a castle forge in Bamberg, KACHELMANN GETRIEBE is now in the 4th generation as a specialist in drive solutions worldwide.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE relies on state-of-the-art technology for its production facilities and CAD systems.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE has a highly motivated staff in production, technology and administration.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE thinks sustainably and has joined the sustainability initiative of mechanical and plant engineering "Blue Competence".



With KACHELMANN GETRIEBE, your gearboxes are in good and especially in safe hands. KACHELMANN GETRIEBE stands for quality.


Pick-up service

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE offers a free pick-up service, as a transmission can rarely be repaired at the customer's site.


Sustainable circular economy -

The life cycle of a gearbox

„We think sustainably and have joined the Blue Competence sustainability initiative for mechanical and plant engineering.“

- Dipl. Kffr. Andrea v. Wartenberg (geb. Kachelmann), Managing Director.

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Additional range of services

Industrial Gearboxes

Matching gear

We provide you with a choice of individual solutions for industrial gears. As designers, manufacturers and fitters of high-quality gearboxes, we offer you a comprehensive range of services.

Single-part production

Request Single-part

We not only offer you complete gearboxes, but also manufacture individual parts on request. With the drawing we start to design, assemble and accompany you up to the installation of the new part.

METALLUK couplings

Any conditions of use

We offer reliable and fail-safe METALLUK couplings. As part of our offer we offer new products, repairs and the overhaul of clutches.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE - Your partner in gearbox construction

in the 4th generation as a specialist for drive solutions
Founded in 1894 with over 130 years experience
over 500 000 KACHELMANN-GETRIEBE worldwide

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