Maintenance and Retrofit

Maintenance / Repair / Retrofit / Revamping and overhauling of industrial gearboxes (also from third party manufacturers)

Do you have a problem with your gearbox?

We'll solve it in no time at all.

We offer you the option of using our ready-made form to record your gearbox problem as quickly and comprehensively as possible.
This form asks all the questions you need to provide you with a solution to your gearbox as quickly as possible.



Time is your biggest enemy.

We help you to keep downtime to a minimum.

Your production plant is at a standstill, your gearbox is defective. The most important factor in this scenario is time. The aim must be to keep the downtime of your system as short as possible. You call the original manufacturer of your gearbox and are told on the phone that they cannot help you because they either have no capacity or generally do not carry out repairs. In this case, call us. We will take care of it.

We tackle where the pressure is highest, we help you to get your system up and running again. We keep the breakdown and the resulting loss as low as possible. As gearbox specialists, no gearbox fault is unknown to us and if it does occur, we will find the solution. After all, our name stands for service and solutions in equal measure. So, what is faulty and when can we take a look at it?

The gearbox is the heart of your system.

Is your heart giving you trouble? We'll make things better quickly.


How do we proceed?

1. analysis
Quick and precise inspection, damage analysis, damage report.

2. repair
Express repair, manufacture of new parts, replacement of wearing parts, individual solutions.

3. delivery service
Collection or delivery of your gearbox.

Why KACHELMANN gearboxes?

1. knowledge & experience
Over 130 years, developing (new designs), designing, manufacturing, maintaining, overhauling, modernizing (retrofitting), repairing.

2. focus
Industrial and special gearboxes up to 20 tons, various industries.

3. service
Personal customer support, 24-hour emergency hotline.

We repair your gearbox in no time at all.

Only 6 steps to an intact heartbeat.

The service from KACHELMANN Getriebe leaves nothing to be desired, especially the desire for quick help. In just six steps, from contacting us to analysis, repair and delivery, the heart of your system is back with you. We offer express repairs, because we know that you are in a hurry.


1. call for help

Contact us via our 24-hour emergency hotline, use our digital contact form or send us an e-mail. Describe the problem with your gearbox and attach photos if possible.


2. Dismantling

There are two options: We come to you, dismantle the gearbox on site and pack it up, or you send us your gearbox with the help of a logistics partner. We will be happy to help you organize the transport.


3. analysis

Your gearbox is inspected for faults at our factory. We prepare a damage analysis including a damage report. We are guaranteed to find the fault.


4. repair

Individual parts that are defective may have to be remanufactured. We check bearings and wearing parts for their condition. Often the fault lies in the detail, we find it and provide a quick remedy.


5. Assembly

We assemble the complete gearbox and carry out a test run after assembly to ensure that your gearbox is 100% operational again.


6. Delivery

We send your gearbox to you with a reliable logistics partner or take care of the delivery ourselves so that we can take a final look at the ideal interaction between the gearbox and the system on site.

gearbox types.

We understand them all.

gearbox type
spur gearbox
gearbox type
helical bevel gearbox
gearbox type
worm gearbox
gearbox type
helical bevel gearbox
gearbox type
spur gearbox

and others.

gearbox types.

We know them all.

gearbox type
drawing gearbox
gearbox type
extruder gearbox
gearbox type
suspension gearbox
gearbox type
reel gearbox
gearbox type
hoist gearbox
gearbox type
calender gearbox
gearbox type
trolley transmissions
gearbox type
mixer gearbox
gearbox type
straightener gearbox
gearbox type
roller table gearbox
gearbox type
press gearbox
gearbox type
agitator gearbox
gearbox type
shear gearbox
gearbox type
drafting gearbox
gearbox type
thermoforming drives
gearbox type
driver gearbox
gearbox type
turbine gearbox
gearbox type
transfer gearbox
gearbox type
rolling mill gearbox

and others.

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Why you can save a lot of money, increase machine availability and improve product quality with a gearbox retrofit

You needed help.

We were able to help. What our customers say:



From the rubber industry

"Quick solution to our problem."

"Our extruder gearbox was no longer running smoothly and we had to interrupt production. The original manufacturer pointed out that the gearbox was no longer being manufactured and that they were unfortunately unable to help us. After a brief investigation, we rang KACHELMANN Getriebe, late at night, no problem, after a brief clarification of the situation, a KACHELMANN employee made his way to our premises and was able to identify the problem on the spot. The gearbox was taken away for repair and was quickly ready for use again. Thank you."


From the conveyor technology

"Craftsmanship is understood."

"The drive of our conveyor belt gearbox was defective. A catastrophe. Production came to a standstill. I quickly picked up the phone and called KACHELMANN Getriebe, they still understand the trade. I had a specialist on the phone straight away, thank you once again for the uncomplicated handling and repair at eye level. Top!"

Our selection of realized projects

Overhaul of spur gears for lock gates
Overhaul of a helical-bevel turbine gearbox on a Kaplan turbine
Overhaul of a main gearbox for a spinning machine
Year of manufacture 1955 – oldtimer, historic car

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE Your partner in gear manufacturing

We want to satisfy you as our customer.
Benefit from our many years of experience and our high quality standards.



Founded in 1894 as a castle forge in Bamberg, KACHELMANN GETRIEBE is now in the 4th generation as a specialist in drive solutions worldwide.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE relies on state-of-the-art technology for its production facilities and CAD systems.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE has a highly motivated staff in production, technology and administration.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE thinks sustainably and has joined the sustainability initiative of mechanical and plant engineering "Blue Competence".



With KACHELMANN GETRIEBE, your gearboxes are in good and especially in safe hands. KACHELMANN GETRIEBE stands for quality.


Pick-up service

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE offers a free pick-up service, as a transmission can rarely be repaired at the customer's site.


Sustainable circular economy -

The life cycle of a gearbox

"We think sustainably and have joined the "Blue Competence" sustainability initiative of the mechanical and plant engineering industry."

- Dipl. Kffr. Andrea v. Wartenberg (née Kachelmann), Managing Director.

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Additional range of services


Industrial gearboxes

Matching gearboxes

We design and manufacture perfectly adapted industrial gearboxes for our customers. Perfect means the most efficient power transmission with maximum utilization of the available installation space.


Single part production

Request for new parts

We not only offer our customers complete gearboxes, but also manufacture individual and spare parts. We do this according to customer drawings or by measuring the old parts and producing the drawings ourselves. We accompany you until the new part is installed.


METALLUK coupling

Any operating condition

We offer our customers reliable and safe METALLUK couplings. As part of our range, we offer new production, repairs and the overhaul of couplings.

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KACHELMANN GETRIEBE - Your partner in gearbox construction

in the 4th generation as a specialist for drive solutions
Founded in 1894 with over 130 years experience
over 500 000 KACHELMANN-GETRIEBE worldwide