Gears for wind energy and hydroelectric power

Fossil fuels will be available to the next generations only to a very limited degree. Science and technology are challenged to develop new strategies for power generation. Wind, water and solar are the energy sources of the future. The drive technology field has a key position in this. Drive solutions must be optimally designed and work efficiently. Modular systems or series gearboxes do not always offer the right solution.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes are very well suited for the respective applications and customer specifications are taken into account. The solid technical solution is just as much in the forefront here as is a balanced price-performance ratio, which is achieved through intensive teamwork with the customer’s technicians, engineers and sales department.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes used in the water power and wind energy field are proven through:

  • Custom-made designs
  • Already existing components are integrated optimally integrated in the new construction.
  • Use of the gearboxes possible on a wide variety of turbine types
  • High availability of the facility through durable design of the gearboxes
  • Optimum oil supply ensures efficient running of the gearbox
  • Noise-damped housings minimize sound emissions
  • Modernization of gearboxes
  • Service and maintenance
  • Inspection and service even at third-party manufacturers possible
  • Experienced installers
  • Service on site
  • 24-hour hotline

Areas of application:

  • Gearboxes for hydroelectric power stations, e.g., spur gearboxes
  • Turbine gearboxes
  • Lock drives
  • Weir drives
  • Gearboxes for wind power stations

In 1994, KACHELMANN GETRIEBE received its first order from a wind power station construction company. Today’s world leader decided on KACHELMANN GETRIEBE as its partner for the production of prototypes (lot size 10). More than 800 sprockets of diameter 1200 mm – 2600 mm left our factory.

The high-tech drive elements meet the maximum quality standard. Complete gearboxes were also developed, designed and manufactured.

Our selection of realized projects

Renovation of the turbine gearbox on the ‘Erba’ locks
Turbine gearboxes for hydroelectric power stations
Turbine gearboxes for hydroelectric power stations
Turbine gearboxes for hydroelectric power station
Turbine gearboxes for hydroelectric power station (Bevel helical gearboxes)

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