Gearboxes for the plastics industry

Plastic provides sustainable solutions for the challenges facing mankind, such as population growth, climate change, limited resources and energy or the availability of advancements in medicine. The plastic industry supplies innovative products and solutions for important branches of industry, such as automotive and machinery construction, packaging industry, electro-technology and the construction industry.

Kachelmann supplies the plastic processing and plastic producing industries, as well as the manufacturer and OEMs in plastic system construction, with gearboxes. KACHELMANN GETRIEBE also offers similar gearbox solutions for the rubber and natural rubber industries.

The gearboxes are adapted to the requirements of the system in close teamwork with the respective system constructor. High value is placed on the energy efficiency of the gearboxes, as well as the ease of installing. Both are guaranteed with a gearbox solution from KACHELMANN GETRIEBE.

Whether for the manufacture of film, acrylic fiber or thermoplastic polymers, such as PVC, PE, PP, PET, PA, etc. – numerous custom developments and patents for gearbox solutions were developed, designed, fabricated and assembled by KACHELMANN GETRIEBE.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes for the plastics industry have proven themselves through:

  • High availability of the facility through durable design of the gearboxes
  • Ideal adaptation of the gearbox to the corresponding facility
  • Installation and service optimized
  • High gear ratio for the most effective use of space possible
  • Modernization of gearboxes
  • Service and maintenance
  • Inspection and service even at third-party manufacturers possible
  • Experienced installers, service on site, 24- hour hotline

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes are used in the plastics processing industry in, among others, the following areas:

  • Extruders / extruder gearboxes
  • Calenders / calender gearboxes
  • Gearboxes for dual screw extruders
  • Gearboxes for foil drawing machines
  • Gearboxes for plastic kneading machines
  • Gearboxes for stretching equipment
  • Mixer systems / mixer gearboxes
  • Embossing units
  • Spinning pump gearboxes
  • Stationary gearboxes
  • Roller adjustment

Our selection of realized projects

Roller adjustment gearbox
Drive of an S-calender
Plastic extruder
Gearboxes for downstream equipment on plastic calenders
Mixer gearboxes
Transfer cases
Mixer gearboxes (Spur gears)
Calender gearboxes
Drive of a plastic film calender
Single-screw extruder gearboxes
Drive for double screw extruders
Gearboxes for laboratory extruder
Stretching system gearbox
Single-screw extruder gearbox

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