A sustainable gearbox from KACHELMANN GETRIEBE

We take care of our customers from the initial equipment of your plants with a gearbox, the installation at your end customers, the maintenance during the running time up to the replacement and disposal of the old gearbox after many, many years.


Plant design and the choice of the perfect drive

By a perfect drive, we mean a gearbox that runs efficiently and effectively in our customer's plant. Here, space requirements, environmental parameters and energy-saving gearing are just some of the aspects we incorporate into our gear design.


Acceptance of the gearbox

An acceptance test of the gearbox on the gearbox test bench as well as the professional painting, preservation and packaging are the last work steps before the gearbox leaves our factory.


Installation of the gearbox in the plant

Our fitters will support you in installing the gear unit in your plant. Attachments such as clutches or brakes can also be prepared and pre-assembled by us at the factory to save time on site.



Maintenance throughout the life of the product.

Routine inspection and maintenance of the gear unit by our specialist fitters supplements the continuous maintenance at our customers. Special conditions in the operation of the gear unit in everyday life can be included and major damage due to incorrect operation can be prevented. We recommend an annual inspection by our qualified personnel as well as a regular replacement of the bearings and sealing elements.


Spare parts guarantee

Careful documentation in our systems ensures a reliable supply of spare parts over the entire service life of the gear unit. If required, we are happy to offer a spare parts package with the most time-critical parts.


Retrofit and modernization

Over the years, the technical conditions of the plants often change, such as speed or power. We adapt the gearbox accordingly. Also third-party gearboxes.



The 2nd life of your gearbox

Continued careful maintenance by the customer and regular check-ups by our specialist fitters ensure reliable running of the modernized gear unit.


New demand and disposal of the old drive

This is where the life cycle of a Kachelmann gear unit comes to a close. We will gladly dispose of the old drive for you and advise you on a new design.


Act sustainably, choose a sustainable transmission from KACHELMANN GETRIEBE.

What does sustainability mean for us in gear manufacturing @Kachelmann

Sustainability begins with the design of the gear unit. Only if sustainability is already considered in the design phase will the product, its manufacture and the end user have any possibility of acting sustainably at all.

And this concerns not only the choice of materials.

What is the reason? Now here are 3 examples from practice:

Example 1

Choosing the right gear unit size in terms of performance and space requirements.

If compromises are made on these two points, the consequences can last a lifetime of investment. Often, gearbox sizes are chosen that just about deliver the performance. This looks nice on paper and reads well.
However, our experience over the last 130 years shows that these plants have permanent problems and increased maintenance requirements.

The gearbox is constantly running at the limit and wear on spare parts is high. Another consequence is increased wear of the attachments up to damage of the downstream equipment.

The solution is not an oversized gearbox, but a perfectly adapted gearbox to the respective production plant.

Example 2

There are various options for mounting add-on parts, such as brakes or clutches, on the input or drive shafts.

For this, the gearbox must be prepared accordingly by the manufacturer. Choose the simpler method in the production, this goes wonderfully for the moment. Is also a little cheaper.

The big awakening comes when the attachments are to be disassembled or the bearings in the gearbox are to be changed. Then you have to destroy this shaft, deflect it, in order to make disassembly possible at all. That's it for resource conservation and sustainability. But if you think about this point already in the design phase and use techniques that allow flexible assembly and disassembly, then sustainable repair is quite simple.

Resources, time, finances and raw materials are saved.

Example 3

The parting line. Essential if you want to use the gearbox as long as possible.

Except for a few exceptions where we can thread the inner workings by a special method, a gearbox can never be disassembled without a properly placed parting line. This means it is designed to be obsolete per se, so to speak.

Of course, not even immediately, the problem is simply passed on to the next generation of maintainers and purchasers and the possibilities of modernization, retrofit are excluded from the very beginning.

The result: the gearbox must be disposed of and a new purchase made.

We are trying to prevent all of this.

There is another way. It can be more sustainable. You have the choice.

The life cycle of a gear unit.

From the idea to installation and decommissioning.

It all starts with the idea and the inquiry from our customer, who is already looking for the right gear unit that fits optimally into his plant during the design phase. This is where we come in. At Kachelmann, optimal means: space-saving, low-maintenance design with the highest possible performance, taking into account all plant and environmental parameters. We design this gearbox, manufacture it, and pre-fit add-on parts such as brakes or clutches if required. Each gearbox is tested on our in-house gearbox test bench and then delivered to our customer. Documentation such as test certificates, material certificates, operating instructions as well as spare parts packages can be supplied.
At the customer's site, the new gear unit is installed in the plant, and any add-on parts such as brake and clutch are added. During the first start-up of the plant, our on-site fitters can provide support. The gearbox now runs up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week for several years. KACHELMANN GETRIEBE's specialist fitters maintain the gearbox at regular intervals, change bearings and sealing elements and, of course, we always provide a warranty on the replaced parts. KACHELMANN GETRIEBE specialist fitters maintain the gearbox at regular intervals, change bearings and sealing elements and, of course, we always provide a warranty on the replaced parts.

We recommend completely overhauling the gearbox after a few years. Our customers then receive a new factory warranty of one year. If parameters change during the life of the plant, such as the engine's drive power, and it becomes necessary to increase the transmission's performance, we advise our customers. If the gearbox requires modernization, i.e. a retrofit, we also undertake this work and adapt the gearbox to the new specifications of the plant. Our customer also receives a new factory warranty of one year on his gearbox. The Kachelmann Reman department is also available to our customers for other makes of gearbox.

To ensure a successful second life for the gearbox, we still recommend regular and professional maintenance.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE offers its customers a take-back service, so that the gearbox can also be returned when it has finally reached its service life after many years and a new system is to be installed. So the circle is closed and a new cooperation with a new gearbox can start.

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