Terms of Delivery and Payment (pdf)

General terms of Payment and Delivery Status 7/2010

1. Our Terms of Delivery and Payment shall always apply in the latest version and to all orders in process and to future orders of any domestic or foreign purchaser unless any deviation has been expressly accepted by us in writing. Collateral agreements and subsequent alterations will be binding for us only upon our written confirmation. This also applies to the cancellation of the written form clause. The acceptance of our deliveries and services is deemed to be a recognition of our Terms of Delivery and Payment.
2. Other terms of purchasing issued by the buyer are only binding for after explicit and written acknowledgement. The same shall apply to any other General Terms and Conditions of the buyer or contractual partner.
3. All agreements made between buyers and travelling salespersons, representatives and agents are binding for us only after our written confirmation. Our representatives, agents, and traveling salespersons are only entitled to accept cash and checks upon presentation of collection authorisation
4. We are entitled to process data of the buyers that refer to the business relationship to this, as defined by the German Data Protection Act.

1. Our offers are noncommittal. A supply contract or other contract becomes binding on us only when we have confirmed the customer’s order or other order in writing or have delivered the goods.
2. We reserve the right to modifications to the production process or product composition, as long as the type and quality of the product is not changed to disadvantage.
3. As long as not otherwise expressly agreed upon, published by us in catalogues, brochures and other publications in the form of text or illustration (e.g. descriptions, figures or drawings) shall conclusively characterise the quality of the products supplied by us, and their applications. The information given in this respect constitutes approximate values usual in the industry unless it has expressly been described as binding in the order confirmation. Other manufacturer’s information are not binding.

1. Unless expressly otherwise specified, all prices shall be net prices excluding value added tax, which has to be paid by the contractual partner at the respective statutory rate additionally, and the prices shall apply EX our production location without packaging. Unless specified otherwise, the price information are based on the European currency (euro).
2. We reserve the right to adjust prices without notice if and when bases of calculation change.
3. The prices charged are the prices applicable on the date of delivery, save when a fixed price has expressly been agreed in writing.

1. Any turnaround time (delivery due date) shall begin on the date of our order acknowledgement, however in no case prior to settlement of all technical and commercial details. The delivery deadline shall be deemed to have been observed when the object has left our works or warehouse prior to its expiration, or when readiness for shipment has been announced in the event that the goods cannot be shipped in time through no fault of ours.
2. With regard to deadlines and delivery dates not expressly referred to as „fixed“ in the confirmation of the order, the contractual partner may set us a reasonable additional period of time for delivery and/or service after the regular period has been exceeded. We may only be deemed to be in default after expiry of such a grace period.
3. Periods and deadlines shall be extended, by the period of time during which the contractual partner fails to meet its obligations towards us, without prejudice to the rights accruing to us from delayed payments by the purchaser.
4. Unforeseen, exceptional circumstances beyond our control such as industrial action, operationa