Repair and overhauling of gearboxes (also from third party manufacturers)


Gearboxes are the heart of a system. Continuous service and fast repairs during the entire product life cycle are critical for the productivity and efficiency of your system.


Our service:

  • Dismantling the gearbox
  • Damage analysis including damage report
  • Replacement of bearings and wear parts
  • New fabrication of individual parts, if necessary.
  • Installation
  • Test run
  • Repainting


Your benefit:

  • Fast problem resolution
  • Minimization of downtimes and costs due to optimum service
  • Our comprehensive know-how of development, design, and fabrication of gearboxes.
  • You profit from our knowledge of a wide range of plant construction.
  • A factory warranty matched to your requirements on the repaired gearboxes.

Single-source professional service and repair starting with delivery and installation in your plant. That’s KACHELMANN GETRIEBE.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE: Your partner in gear manufacturing