Are you looking for a gearbox specialist in the recycling industry?

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE specialises in the design, manufacture and repair of gearboxes for the recycling industry.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE has stood for gear expertise in the recycling industry for over 125 years.

  • Energy-saving due to high efficiency.
  • Low noise due to optimised gearing.
  • Easy to maintain and install.

You too can benefit from our experience in the recycling industry.

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KACHELMANN GETRIEBE - Gearboxes for the recycling industry.

In the recycling industry, we rely on various gearbox types to meet your specific requirements and those of your machines. Our helical gearboxes are in high demand because they are robust, can transmit high torques and enable efficient power transmission. Worm gearboxes, which deliver a high torque at low speed, are ideal for crushing or conveying. Planetary gearboxes offer different speed levels and can therefore be used very flexibly. Bevel gearboxes control the material flow in conveyor systems and conveyor belts, while flat gearboxes excel in situations where space is at a premium.

Extruder gearboxes enable precise material feed. Belt and chain gearboxes round off our range and are often used in conveyor systems.

Our gearboxes can be used in a wide range of applications in the recycling industry: shredder systems, conveyor belts, sorting systems, crushers and grinding systems, screening and separation systems, extrusion machines, compressors and pumps, mills and granulators and conveyor vehicles and machines can all be equipped with our versatile gearboxes.

We repair your gearbox in no time at all.

Just 6 steps to an intact recycling system.

The service from KACHELMANN Getriebe leaves nothing to be desired, especially the desire for quick help. In just six steps, from contacting us to analysing, repairing and delivering, the gearbox in your recycling system will be back with you. We offer express repairs, because we know that you are in a hurry.


1. Call for help

Contact us via our 24-hour emergency hotline, use our digital contact form or send us an e-mail. Describe the problem with your gearbox and attach photos if possible.


2. Dismantling

There are two options: We come to you, dismantle the gearbox on site and pack it up, or you send us your gearbox with the help of a logistics partner. We will be happy to help you organise the transport.


3. Analysis

Your gearbox is analysed for faults at our factory. We prepare a damage analysis including a damage report. We are guaranteed to find the fault.


4. Repair

Individual parts that are defective may need to be remanufactured. We check the condition of bearings and wearing parts. Often the fault lies in the detail, we find it and provide a quick remedy.


5. Assembly

We assemble the complete gearbox and carry out a test run after assembly to ensure that your gearbox is 100% operational again.


6. Delivery

We send your gearbox to you with a reliable logistics partner or take care of the delivery ourselves so that we can take a final look at the ideal interaction between the gearbox and the system on site.

gearbox types in the recycling industry.

We understand them all.

As a manufacturer of gearboxes for the recycling industry, we are not only able to provide you with a suitable new gearbox, but also to repair a defective gearbox. Our expertise extends far beyond our own gearboxes, so that we can also repair and overhaul third-party gearboxes.

We repair the following third-party gearboxes: SEW-Eurodrive, Bonfiglioli, NORD Drivesystems, Sumitomo Drive Technologies, Bauer Gear Motor, David Brown Santasalo, WEG Industries, Regal Beloit Corporation, Siemens, Hansen Industrial Transmissions, Dodge (Baldor Electric Company), Varvel, Nabtesco, Cone Drive, Brevini Power Transmission, Bauer Antriebstechnik GmbH, ZF Friedrichshafen, Boneng Transmission, Renold Gears, Watt Drive Antriebstechnik, Lenze SE, Nidec Motor Corporation, Boneng Transmission Europe and STM Spa.

Gearbox type
Spur gearbox
Gearbox type
Bevel gearbox
Gearbox type
Worm gearbox
Gearbox type
Bevel helical gearbox
Gearbox type
Worm helical gearbox
Gearbox type
Extruder gearbox

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE Your partner in gear manufacturing

We want to satisfy you as a customer.
Benefit from our many years of experience and our high quality standards.


The tradition

Founded in 1894 as a castle forge in Bamberg, KACHELMANN GETRIEBE is now in its 4th generation as a specialist for drive solutions worldwide.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE relies on state-of-the-art technology for its production facilities and CAD systems.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE has a highly motivated workforce in production, technology and administration.



KACHELMANN GETRIEBE thinks sustainably and has joined the "Blue Competence" sustainability initiative of the mechanical and plant engineering industry.


Safety and security

With KACHELMANN GETRIEBE, your gearboxes are in good and, above all, safe hands. KACHELMANN GETRIEBE stands for quality.


Collection service

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE offers a free collection service, as gearboxes can rarely be repaired at the customer's premises.

Customer opinions from the recycling industry.

A great service with the highest quality

Thank you for the uncomplicated solution to our problem!

The service and speed are unbeatable

You definitely deliver faster than I get an SAP order number internally...

The gearbox is already installed and runs perfectly.

I would like to thank you and the whole team of Kachelmann for the good cooperation. The gearbox is already installed and runs perfectly.

Absolutely satisfied, very good service, always happy to return!

Great that you have all the documents of the gearboxes immediately at hand ... with us it stops in 1990.
And some manufacturers could take a leaf out of the running time of your gearboxes.