Do you have a defective gear, or need a gear tooth system crafted to an existing drawing from a third party product? Or do you need a new gear reflect to your own drawings?

You can request not only complete gearboxes from us, but also individual parts which you may need for your drives. With the aid of our experienced employees from sales and design up to assembly, you can benefit from our expertise right up to the installation of the finished new part!

Gear tooth systems

  • Spur gears up to m = 45; Ø 8000 mm
  • Bevel gear wheels  up to m = 21; Ø 800 mm (also Klingelnberg cyclo-palloid)
  • Worm drives up to m = 24; Ø 1800 mm
  • Alternatives to Cavex worm gear toothing systems
  • Gear racks to m = 16
  • Chain sprockets
  • DIN 5480 Gear tooth systems