Type Designation: B 25
Type: Spur gears
Branche: Water and shipping
Area of use: Shiplift of the Rhein-Main-Danube canal. Gearbox for opening and closing the lock gates.
Output: 18,5 kW
Weight: 780 kg
Input speed n11: 955 1/min
Output speed n22: 27,28 1/min
Gear ratio i: 35:1
Output torque T22: 6478 Nm

An 800 kg spur gearbox was mounted on each of the lock gates, right and left. The gearboxes move the lock gates, weighing tons, synchronously up or down, with a power output of 20kW. During this the gearboxes must move both the enormous water pressure, which occurs with each lock process, and the weight of the lock gates themselves. The task of the Kachelmann team was to meet these high requirements.