Gearboxes for forming

The production method of taking metals or thermoplastics and putting them into another form is called forming. Forming can be done by pressure, thrust, pulling or bending.

A durable and efficient drive solution is the fundamental prerequisite for a problem-free end product in a short processing time with optimized use of energy.

Every new product desired another challenge to the forming gearboxes technology.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE works together with their customers’ developers and designers in the design phase of machines and handling systems. This means that in the course of the product life cycle the drive solutions can be continuously further developed and expanded, alongside the initial phases of new products.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes are used in the following areas of forming, for example:

  • Deep drawing presses
  • Wire-drawing machines for construction steel
  • Fine wire drawing machines for cable and stranded wire
  • Bending machines

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes for forming are characterized by

  • Consideration of customer-specific requirements for size and installation conditions
  • Durable housing in steel or cast iron construction
  • Sufficiently dimensioned rolling bearings and sealing elements
  • Also drives as manual gearbox with pneumatic and hydraulic switching, also as remote control with locking and display of switch position
  • Remote control option
  • Individual lubrication units or option of connection to a central lubricating system
  • With circulation pump for targeted lubrication of bearing points and gear meshing, also with additional oil reservoir, cooling elements or heating cartridges
  • Monitoring elements to the customer’s request – also remote monitoring (for temperature, pressure, oil flow rate, filter contamination)

From the deep-drawing press in body construction to the wire drawing machine in the fabrication of cables or construction steel wire fabric – KACHELMANN GETRIEBE has the right gearbox for every machine drive.

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