Gearboxes for conveyor systems

As a branch of machinery construction, conveyor technology is concerned with the concept, layout, planning and execution of equipment for transporting piece goods (pallets, crates, packages, etc.) or bulk goods (sand, ore, grains). KACHELMANN GETRIEBE supplies well-known conveyor companies worldwide with a range of applications, from diamond mines in South Africa to steel mills in India to strip mining in Germany. KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes are implemented there either on downstream conveyor systems, as in the case of steel and rolling mills, or as individual conveyor belt systems, as in mining.

The drive solutions can be designed as compact gearboxes, or also as single-drive solutions consisting of gear and pinion. Also bevel gearbox and Klingelnberg Zyklo-Palloid bevel gearbox designs are especially useful in conveyor technology.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes for conveyor technology have proven themselves through:

  • durable design for use in mining, strip mining, steel and rolling mills
  • special sealing system for protection against dirt, dust and abrasion
  • design of the conveyor system drive as hollow shaft gearboxes or as shaft-mounted gearboxes
  • assembly also together with motor and motor coupling on a common base frame (rocker)
  • sufficiently dimensioned gearbox sizes
  • consideration of customer-specific requirements for size and installation conditions
  • durable housing in steel or cast iron construction
  • sufficiently dimensioned roller bearings – especially for accepting the often increased axial and radial loads
  • monitoring on customer request – also remote monitoring
  • designed for 24-hour continuous operation

Examples of application areas:

  • Conveyor systems in mining, strip mining
  • Roller beds in steel mills and rolling mills

Our selection of realized projects

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