Gearboxes used in a steelwork or rolling mills are exposed to extremely high loads. In addition to the high temperatures in a rolling mill, the 24-hour continuous operation and high individual loads on the gears are important factors that must be taken into consideration during the designing of the gears.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes are used in the steel processing industry in the following areas (among others):

  • Drives for longitudinal slitting lines
  • Drives for transverse slitting lines
  • Coiler gears
  • Shaft mounted gears
  • Decoiler gears
  • Trimming shear drives
  • Main drive rolling stands
  • Levelling machine drives
  • Dressing roller drives
  • Roller bed gears
  • Shearing drives / Shearing gears
  • Spur gears
  • Spur change-over gears for wire drawing machines
  • Transfer cases
  • Roller adjustment gears

The first rolling mills were equipped in the 1960s with Kachelmann gears – our decades of experience make us a strong partner. Kachelmann gears for rolling mills prove themselves mainly by their:

  • Sufficiently dimensioned gear sizes
  • Consideration of customer-specific requirements for size and installation conditions
  • Durable housing in steel or cast iron construction
  • Sufficiently dimensioned rolling bearings and sealing elements
  • Drives also as gearboxes with pneumatic and hydraulic switching
  • Remote control option
  • Individual lubrication units or option of connection to a central lubricating system
  • Monitoring on customer request – also remote monitoring

Bitte beachten Sie, dass auch die Instandsetzung/Reparatur sowie die Modernisierung/Retrofit von bestehenden Getrieben zu unserem Leistungsspektrum gehören.