In a globally networked economy with continually increasing international trade, crane systems are gaining significance both in ports and on land. Handling of goods in maritime shipping across the main travel of Germany. Cranes are the most important hoisting equipment for vertical and horizontal loading.

The largest port in the world in terms of total goods handled is the port in Shanghai with approx. 30 million metric tons annualy. The largest port in Europe is Rotterdam. Kachelmann is represented globally in many ports with gearboxes in crane systems, e.g., in

  • Bridge cranes
  • Stationary and mobile container cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Swivel cranes

Our employees develop, design, assemble and modernize crane systems worldwide.

From straddle carriers in German harbours to container cranes in Asia and up to a 200 metric ton crane in German steel construction – Kachelmann is the partner for gearbox solutions.

KACHELMANN GETRIEBE gearboxes for the crane system industry have proven themselves through:

  • Adjustment of gearbox size and power depending on customer requirements.
  • High availability of the facility through durable design of the gearboxes
  • Noise dampened housings and optimized gear tooth systems for minimizing noise emission (-> Noise optimization on crane gearboxes)
  • Remote maintenance elements to customer requirements
  • Modernization of gearboxes
  • Service and maintenance
  • Inspection and service even at third-party manufacturers possible
  • Experienced installers, service on site, 24- hour hotline
  • From a lot size of 1 up to series production

KACHELMANN Getriebe gearboxes are used in crane systems in the following areas:

  • Chassis
  • Hoisting gearboxes / lifting gear
  • Trolley travelling gearbox
  • Crane slewing gearbox
  • Crane traversing gearbox
  • Gearboxes for the drum/cable drum (drum gearbox/cable drum gearbox)

Bitte beachten Sie, dass auch die Instandsetzung/Reparatur sowie die Modernisierung/Retrofit von bestehenden Getrieben zu unserem Leistungsspektrum gehören.